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Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

In the United Kingdom, there are a wide variety of Senior Living Homes. Of course, it is important to select a Senior Living Home that offers the senior the opportunity to live a more independent and satisfying lifestyle. Sussex Healthcare provides seniors with that opportunity. Sussex Healthcare head office is located in Sussex, United Kingdom.

The healthcare organization operates 20 well-respected care homes throughout the area. They’ve successfully operated the homes for 25 years. During that time, the homes have received numerous awards. It is important to note that Sussex specializes in providing quality care to seniors with dementia, Alzheimer disease, physical handicaps, mental handicaps, and more.

Why Choose Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare is an organization that is based primarily in Sussex. Their specialty is taking care of adults with mental and physical disabilities. Therefore, it is definitely important to hire people that are kind, caring, and friendly to work with the people in the care homes. In addition, they should be equipped with the skills and experience to handle the tasks that are required in their position held at Sussex Healthcare. The fact is that Sussex Healthcare is a wonderful place to work and a wonderful place for older adults to reside and still live an independent lifestyle in a safe and comfortable environment.

Important News
Of course, Sussex Healthcare requires a great staff to care for the people in their homes. However, Sussex Healthcare requires a knowledgeable and experienced healthcare specialist to manage the organization. The good news is that Amanda Morgan-Taylor is taking over the role of Chief Executive Officer. The new CEO is hard at work getting familiar with the organization and devising new plans to make a big difference in the organization. The new CEO brings along plenty of experience and is an expert in the healthcare industry.

Join Sussex Healthcare
Now, is a great time to start a new career at Sussex Healthcare. Sussex is an organization that believes in investing in good people. Therefore, they provide in-house training for many open positions at the organization, along with numerous benefits. Here is a sample of current job openings.

Peripatetic Care Home Manager
Administration Manager
Registered Nurse
Domestic Assistant
Senior Care Assistant
Kitchen Assistant

These are just a sampling of the current job opportunities. Visit the Sussex Healthcare online job site for more information on current job openings.

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