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Jeff Aronin and His Dedication to Paragon Biosciences

Jeff Aronin since 2010 has been the CEO and chairman of Paragon Biosciences and has worked in some Paragon portfolio companies which have enabled him to have a vast experience in the biopharmaceutical world ( The primary purpose of Paragon Biosciences company is to be able to bring new vital medicines into the market to better the lives of people ailments that make them weak.

Paragon is very restless and has an excellent team that is hardworking to ensure that medicine gets to the people in need of it fast and is safe for them. Jeff Aronin brings together a remarkable group of medical professors who carry out all necessary test in the lab to ensure the results of the medicines are of good quality. The discovery of new drugs in the medical world needs a lot of funding since technology is necessary to carry out experiments, and the employees who research on these medicines also need to be paid since they put so much effort in their work. Jeff ensures that this Paragon’s portfolio companies get the best and hardworking expert and have enough resources to carry out their activities. Jeff believes that every problem should be able to be solved primarily those problems people think cannot be resolved. He, therefore, is very passionate about what he does and organizes good teams that are dedicated as he is. The teams Jeff has made have been well recognized for coming up with new inventions of medicines.

Paragon believe in the facts that they should first know the disease they are to find a medicine for, then understand the science around the illness and lastly practically test and research on the way to treat the disease by eradicating any thoughts that have no basis or proof. Most of the medicines made by Paragon are accepted into the market as the first since they trust their products under the excellent leadership of Jeff. Many investors mostly try contact Jeff since his company is well known and respected for its products. The investors try to sell their ideas of medicines creations to him, so they can be able to make their views of having a particular drug come into existence through his company.

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