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Louis Chenevert Increases Shares by 200%

Louis Chenevert was a godsend to the United Technologies Corporation in their time of need. He personally made this company the great success that it is today.

He became the chief executive officer at United Technologies Corporation in the year 2006. The company mainly created and researched technology products that had to do with aerospace manufacturing. They were one of the world’s largest producers of jet engines for both commercial airlines and militaries around the globe. They played a substantial role in the air-conditioning industry and had contracts of many corporations. They produced flight controls and sensors and aerospace systems. Because of his hard work investors were able to see the stock price go from $37 to $117. This is nearly a 200% increase.

His biggest accomplishment was acquiring the nearest competitor for $16.3 billion.

He would also cut costs at United Technologies Corporation. Rather than paying environmental fines he found ways to reduce water consumption by 53% and lower gas emissions by another 26%. He then began urging other companies to follow this example.

Though he stepped down in the year 2014, he was able to make a great impact on this great company. First of all, he refused to abandon the place the company called home and fire the workers. The company was based in Connecticut which is no one’s idea of a cost-effective place to do business. However, not only did he manage to keep profit level but he was able to generate twice the amount of returns that the average S&P 500 companies during his time as CEO.

The United Technologies Corporation has faithfully paid its dividends every 77 years and routinely raises the cost. Just last year the dividend payout was raised by 10%.

He has been able to lead the United Technologies Corporation to gather many government contracts to give substantial income for UTC. The Sikorsky unit is the world’s largest producer of helicopters for the US government.

He also focused on his training workers and loving them. A group of engineers were moved to a site where there skills worked.

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