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Dr. David Samadi Discusses Cancer Prevention

The right prevention could perhaps avoid some of the 146,000 cases of cancer that occur every year, says Dr. David Samadi. He’s an expert in oncology and urology, and Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital. Dr. Samadi has performed close to 8,000 procedures and believes strategies such as leading a healthy lifestyles and periodic screening could diminish risks.

For years, the well known robotic surgeon has advised on diminishing cancer risks. His blog features prostate cancer and health tips, and Dr. Samadi regularly advocates for lifestyle health management on his AM 970 Radio show.

Cancer Prevention

Today, cancer is potentially the most treatable and preventable of chronic diseases, says Dr. Samadi, but we must define a unified strategy against the disease. If people change our habits, the quality of life of the citizens will improve, and new cases of cancer and deaths will decrease.

New Rules For Life

1. Say No To Smoking. Over seven million people die each year from smoking. Deaths that could be avoided by simply giving up cigarettes. Tobacco is responsible for around 20-30 percent of all cancers. This also includes passive smoking, co-responsible for broncho-pulmonary neoplasms and allergic and respiratory disorders.

2. Low to No Alcohol Consumption. Alcoholic beverages increase the risk of cancer of the mouth and throat. Alcohol has also been linked to the onset of other cancers like breast and liver cancer in women.

3. Eat A Mediterranean Diet. Fruits and vegetables, especially if raw, protect against numerous forms of cancer, particularly in the digestive and respiratory tract. The positive action is linked in particular to the high fiber content and to the high presence of anticancer agents such as antioxidant vitamins. A Mediterranean diet low in animal fats and meat and rich in olive oil, vegetables, fiber and cereals helps you feel good.

Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle also increases the risks of cancer, says Dr. Samadi. He says it has been shown that people weighing more than 40 percent of the recommended weight have higher rates of mortality from colorectal, prostate, uterine, gall bladder and breast cancer.

Dr. Samadi points out that regular checkups are also necessary because detecting tumors at an early stage can be treated effectively.

Dr. David Samadi is an award winning urologist, renown for The Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique. Launched in 2010, Dr. Samadi developed this signature technique, using robotic surgery that results in a 95 percent success rate. This technique is minimally invasive, results in less incisions, less scarring, and a faster recovery time.

After Dr. Samadi’s postgraduate residency at Montifiore Hospital and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, he entered a fellowship training at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and then completed additional robotic training in France, at University hospital of Henri-Mondor.

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