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The Chainsmokers Evolve with New Sound

When the Chainsmokers released the new EP called “Sick Boy” fans were anticipating what they would be able to hear. They were unaware that this would be such a drastic change from the pop sound that they were used to. The thing that has made The Chainsmokers successful over the years is the pop sound that they have embraced. This time they wanted to embrace a darker sound and create a different platform.

They know that they could have continued to ride the wave with what was already popular, but they are a duo that is diverse. They are evolving, and they believe in getting connected with what is different, even if it means alienating some of their fans. They know that they will continue to grow their fan base as new people pick up on the sound from the “Sick Boy” single and EP release. It has become obvious they want to make sure that they could entertain a diverse group of fans.

The Chainsmokers slipped into the pop scene as a group that was just producing some tracks for others. People were not aware of what they would sound like as a group because they have had a lot of guest features. They were for other people and this allowed them to remain somewhat hidden from the public. All the focus was on their music and the music alone. Now that they have taken to the spotlight there is a lot of buzz about what they have been doing as producers of their own music.

Some people may say the duo has been able to separate their personal image and music from the other artists that they have been producing. This is a good thing. It shows that this group knows how to separate what they do for others from what they are doing for themselves. This duo has already topped the Billboard Charts, and it goes without saying that this is one of the best pop groups in recent years to make a splash with music consumers. Their new sound shows a tremendous amount of growth.

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