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Business Coach and Banker- David Giertz

He is a financier who has an experience in the finance industry for over 30 years. David Giertz has served in various financial institutions including Citigroup, and Nationwide Distributors. David is also an advisor and he recently talked about and to people who are thinking of taking early retirement. According to David retiring is a good decision, but before taking the break from work one must ask themselves several questions which have been listed below.

1) Enrolling in a social security: according to Giertz one does not have to enroll in a social security the time they are thinking of retiring. Instead, they should to it much later when they are around 70 years.

2) Do you have enough savings: before thinking of taking that early long break from work. Mr. Giertz advice people to first think of their savings which will help them in the future.

3) Can you pay for healthcare: one should consider that after retirement, the Medicare is not paid. An individual should consider having enough savings to pay for their healthcare after their retirement.

4) How much is the taxes: one thing most do not know is that even after retirement they will still continue to pay taxes, and so they should at list know how much their social security fund will be taxed.

5) What you will do after retirement: this is the most important point and consideration, one needs to have an income even after retirement to pay their bills and to sustain themselves.

David Giertz experience and hard work have given him chances of leading and holding top positions including being the President of Nationwide Distributors. While working at Nationwide Distributors, Giertz was responsible for the expansion of the financial organization. He also has experience and skills in the retirement sector and he has helped insurance firms with plans. David Giertz is also a certified business coach with WABC, and he has also been encouraging other leaders to take the coaching lessons. Giertz is not a leader in the corporate sector but also in the community. He has taken up leadership for various organization as a board member including Millikin University. After high school, he joined the University of Miami and graduated with an MBA, and later a BS from Millikin University.

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