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Jason Hope Talks About Why He Helps Anti-Aging Research

There are many diseases and other illnesses that affect people around the world. A number of these are related to age. As people get older they become more and more susceptible to coming down with various age-related diseases. No matter how healthy you try to eat, or how wealthy you are, or where you live, age-related diseases ultimately come to affect everyone at some point.

Since the dawn of Man people have seen getting older and dying from that as just an inescapable fact of life. Everyone eventually starts losing vitality, bones start to become more fragile, skins gets stiffer and wrinkled, and people lose the ability to do some, or even many, of the things they used to take for granted.

Jason Hope, an entrepreneur and philanthropist who was born in Arizona and continues to make his home there, has chosen to help out organizations he has discovered which are trying to do something about this state of affairs. He says age-related diseases like arthritis, cancer, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and more can be prevented through cutting-edge research that is going on at the organizations he financially supports. As he points out, most research is focused on treating these diseases, not preventing them. He sees this as backward and it is better to focus research on keeping age-related diseases from occurring which will give people longer, healthier, and more enjoyable lives.

The main organization Jason Hope supports is the SENS Foundation. He has been providing them with money since 2010. It was in December of that year that Jason Hope donated half a million to them. This organization has a novel approach to not just preventing age-related diseases but slowing down the aging process itself. They have made a lot of advances over the past eight years and no doubt more are on the horizon.

As Jason Hope points out, the SENS Foundation is just one of a number of organizations who are trying to prevent disease using various techniques and technologies. There are also biotech companies who seek to improve how food is grown so that it is healthier, especially when it comes to reducing the use of pesticides and other chemicals. Some scientists involved in this area hav said that it is even possible that the first person to live 1,000 years might already be alive today because their research has led to so much knowledge about the aging process and insightful ways to potentially stop aging as a thing altogether.

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