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Embracing The Present: Vijay Eswaran’s Philosophy on Life and Business

In his book, Twp Minutes From the Abyss Vijay Eswaran emphasizes that we need to embrace the present. We can’t remain in the past or plan too far in the future. The future isn’t promised to us. Dwelling on the past can only weigh you down. Eswaran provides 11 pillars of life management that have helped him succeed in life and business. Those 11 pillars have helped him focus on the present.

Eswaran’s background is Middle Eastern and his tenants for life follow the established patterns of Middle Eastern religious philosophies. These tenants have created a foundation for his business interests and attributed to his success in his personal life. His passion for sharing his beliefs shows in everything he does. Eswaran is a strong believer in empowering others to embrace the present and be open to serving others.

His successes with his QI Group of companies which he founded in 1998 are well noted in the World Economic Forum. He has a passion for mentoring entrepreneurs in poor communities in Asia and the Middle East. Eswaran offers practical advice that helps people move past their fears instead of wallowing in them.

Eswaran suggests that fear is good for you if it motivates you to move forward. Fear shouldn’t paralyze you, but should instead energize you. Clarity of vision is important. Sometimes fear can cloud your vision. Focusing on what you can do to utilize and work through the fear can be eye-opening.

Vijay Eswaran has weathered some challenges. Each challenge is a stepping stone to success. They are also ways to embrace the present. Potential entrepreneurs need to work through those challenges and learn from them. Challenges will come. It is your attitude that does make a difference.

Business success doesn’t come easy. You must be committed to growth. You must first, however, care for your employees. In business and in life a genuine compassion for others opens people up to accepting change. Eswaran believes that change is a constant factor that you must accept. Change is hard when you get older, but those who reject change often get left behind.

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