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Dr. Johanan Rand– Age Management Medical Doctor

Dr. Johanan Rand is an exceptional medical doctor located in West Orange, New Jersey. Rand specializes in age management medicine and focuses on hormone levels, nutrition and exercise.

Dr. Johanan Rand named his practice Healthy Aging Medical Center after training at Albert Einstein Medical Center in the Bronx, New York.

Dr. Rand prides himself on his genuine healthcare. His goal is to give his patients one on one individualized attention in order to find what is best for each.

Additionally, he provides adequate information on supplements such as fish oil and Vitamin D along with proper dosage of each.

Some of the most vital forms of aging are weight loss, memory loss, depression and anxiety. Once the body is taken over by these things it begins to deteriorate.

Dr. Rand specializes in reversing these egregious, and sometimes life-threatening cycles.

Anti-aging therapies are not only helpful to those who are looking to find their youth, they are great for those who are sickly as well.

Dr. Johanan Rand will certainly fit your needs having experience for more than 15 years ( Along with developing a hormone therapy for women going through menopause, Rand has contributed a large amount of research material into developing efficient hormonal therapies for erectile dysfunction.

Those of you who are struggling with aging problems and cant find the proper treatments can now sit back and let Dr. Rand work his magic.

His pleasant yet effective techniques allow the body to gradually blossom into the youthful young man/woman you once were.

Another element that Dr. Rand can provide is his certification in medical acupuncture.

One of the many attributes that sets Dr. Johanan Rand apart is his way of only practicing Peer-Reviewed Medicine. Meaning, his methods are proven over and over again to be effective by other doctors in his field.


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