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End Citizens United’s Fight Against Big Money in Politics

The Supreme Court’s decision to rule in favor of Citizens United told America that its justice system supports profit over people. Corporations have corrupted and manipulated politicians for centuries, and the controversial ruling of Citizens Untied is another knife in the back of the working class. Big Money’s influence in politics is creating crisis after crisis, from Climate Change to servere economical inequality. Out of this struggle against corporate greed comes the political action committee (PAC) End Citizens United.

The Citizens United organization started as a Republican group that made a 90-min attack video against Hillary Clinton. At the time, the law stated that all campaign ads must have the source of the funding exposed. To combat this law, the conservative group took the case to court. Initially the lower courts ruled in the favor against Citizens United, but appeals made their way to the Supreme Court. The vote in the highest court was close, with a 5-4 ruling stating the court was upholding the first Amendment. Now major corporations have the access to donate anonymously and infinitely to any politician they please. Insuring the fact that the selected politician will always side with money, over the will of the people.

To fight against this inverted Wall Street political takeover, End Citizens United was formed March 1, 2015. Located in the belly of the beast out of Washington D.C, this institution has teamed up with the Democratic Party to resist the Supreme Court’s decision. Plainly, the major goal of End Citizens United is to overturn the controversial ruling of Citizens United. The best and most realistic way of getting rid of the court’s choice is an amendment to the constitution, which takes the majority of the House and Senate. So, the progressive organization is helping Democratic candidates that are refusing corporate PAC money. Already, End Citizens United has raise millions of dollars for politicians that meet their standers, and plan on raising millions more.

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