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Freedom checks are a unique type of investments that are entirely legitimate and were even sanctioned in a congress in the year nineteen eighty seven . They are cash payments made to investors by the gas and oil companies. This led to over 500 companies being given the official mandate to issue them, after meeting the statue 26-f requirements.

The investment plan was unleashed by Matt Badiali, who released a video that went viral about the freedom checks and left many trying to figure out what it was. In the video, he stated that the cash payments were not government programs, nor IRA, but are even better than any retirement account.

The cash payments can exceed the social security payments by three or four times. There is no restriction on who to own an account, not age, or income. They are for everyone. Moreover, the companies issued with the statue 26-f are allowed to operate tax-free, but under certain conditions. Read more about Freedom Checks at

The conditions include one. They must accrue 90% of the income they have, from services such as production, and processing of gas and oil. This may sound like dividends, but the MLP’s refer to them as distributions, and two, that they must not hold back from paying the lucrative freedom checks to shareholders.

The freedom checks were discovered by Matt Badiali, while he was in his mission of traveling and touring various mining and oil companies while meeting the CEO’s of those multiple companies, and this is when he discovered the MLP’s, which are the companies that issue the checks.

The MLP (master limited partnerships) primarily deal in the production, processing, and transportation of gases and oils, using pipelines. They also explore gases and oils that have been readily produced. Investing in there MLP companies is as easy as a snap of a finger. The payments are made directly into one’s brokerage account.

The reason why the governments allow the limited master companies to operate tax-free is that the United States needed to be independent and self-reliant and stop relying on other countries for energy but to be able to produce its oil and gas. President Nixon even went ahead and created a law that would recognize and award people who would venture into gas and oil investments.

Americans have been given an opportunity to start busing shares with as little as $50 or $100, as they aim for higher investment. Read more:



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