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End Citizens United: Mending the American Election Circles

End Citizens United was founded in the year 2015. The idea behind its formation was in response to the decision by the FEC Supreme Court versus Citizens United in 2010. They are currently endorsing candidates ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. The End Citizens United is seeking to overthrow that decision and adopt campaign for finance reforms through various means. They have currently endorsed some candidates. This significant movement was developed out of a decision made by Supreme Court. The decision was in support of accepting dark money for buying candidates with particular needs. The result is that many candidates take advantage of others who are not able to gather themselves good money and corporations. End Citizens United eliminates this tactic by ensuring that they have enough funds raised from the grassroots and therefore making it easier for them to support the election of the candidate of their choice.

Since its formation, End Citizens United continues to play significant roles in the American politics today. There are many advantages to enjoy when endorsed by this team. The candidates can tell it all. They get the opportunity to be connected to the grassroots support members in their districts and states as well as in the national network that constitutes more than 400,000-dollar donors. The average donation is $14, and by that, the movement can raise an approximate of $35 million by the end of 2018 election cycle. End Citizens United has actively endorsed some incumbent leaders who are expected to retain their seats as well as new candidates to take up the leadership positions.

The headquarters of the company is at Washington, DC. The main aim of the organization is to end the ruling of Citizens United. The leadership team at the movement is seeking to raise grassroots funding which will be balanced cutting across many states and districts in supporting leaders in the elections periods. The funding targets the democratic candidates who agree on ending the ramifications of the decision by the Supreme Court. More of the goals of the organization is to ensure that the constitution comes to an amendment to define the right of speech for every citizen. The movement is firm about focusing on various short-term campaign laws of finance. They are sure to accomplish this by the implementation of some strategies. One of the approaches is supporting the appropriate candidates who are in agreement with the improvement of campaign finance laws. The money-raising strategy relies on the grassroots funding.

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