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Robert Diegnan: A Successful Call Center Entrepreneur

Robert Diegnan, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company ATS Digital Services, started the company in the year 2011, making the company relatively young to have amassed such media attention and a fortune. The company is a general computer software and tech asssistance call center which addresses the needs of customers all throughout the nation. ATS Digital Services’ motto is to bring top of the line customer service and satisfaction for all of its customers. The company indeed has reached these high levels of customer service and satisfaction standards, as they continue to grow and reach new markets and outlets.

Recently, Diegnan’s call center company ATS Digital Services, has received an award for its high standards in adhering to the customers’ needs and in servicing them at the highest quality professional level. This award, which is a actually a certification, marks the first time that a call center company has ever received. The certification actually comes from an online tech company which rates consumer satisfaction and ratings and then certifies companies best on their top quality services which they have provided over the years.

The company which does so is called AppEsteem, and awards companies with this certification, if only the company passes a series of tests for its standards. A primary reason this certification by AppEsteem is such a major deal is because, many companies and call centers are actually responsible for giving consumers fake service, and offering them false solutions to their tech needs and issues. According to an informative online article, regarding ATS Digital Services’ certification by AppEsteem on the website,, many call centers actually have been responsible for not only not providing helpful and professional customer service to consumers but also, “scaring, over-selling, [as well as] exploiting consumers.” This is a major no for ATS Digital Services, a company that only swears by providing excellence for its call center customers.

In addition to Diegnan’s successful founding of the call center company, ATS Digital Services, he also has a background with other tech companies which he co-founded, one being Fanlink, Inc, and his work at the tech company, iS3, where he worked for nearly a decade. However, most of Diegnan’s success as a co-founder of a tech company and entrepreneur, he owes to his co-founding of ATS Digital Services.

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