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Milan Kordestani taking the world by storm

Milan Kordestani is an individual of many talents and skill sets. He was born in Stanford California and attended Phillips Brooks Elementary. He left the United States for England in 2009 after the separation of his parents. In England, he attended Eaton Square School, but it was not long before he moved back to the states in 2010. He settled in the Bay area where he went to Sacred Heart Preparatory which is located in Atherton. It is at this institution that he graduated in 2017.

His passion for horses saw him start riding at an early age of ten. He showed determination after he was thrown off by a runaway horse while he was trail riding. Unlike any boy his age, he picked himself up and rode on the same horse back to base camp. This was not usual as most children his age would have been traumatized after such an experience. This set pace for what was to be his passion for equestrian sport. He took riding lessons in Atherton but was quick to take the fourth place in ranking during the World Championship Horse Show. It propelled him to attain third place nationally during the American Royal, at the third stage of the competition. His steady climb saw him achieve second place in 2016 during the World’s Championship Horse Show in the category of the 5 gaited show pleasure division. It is at this event that he gained his highest ranking up to date.

Away from horsemanship, he became an entrepreneur when he set up Milan Farms during his sophomore years. His company focuses on eggs, saffron as well as poultry production. It does this by linking various farms that provide produce to customers across the country. Milan also became the first farmer to grow saffron hydroponically using microfiber sponges. Through Milan Farms he has been able to put in place a humane as well as an organic system that is 100% safe and transparent that offers consumers a choice to have access to healthy organic food that is pure as well as honest from the source.


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