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Freedom Checks Presents New Opportunities.

Freedom Checks are a means of payment to the shareholders of a public company. The checks are provided for by the laws of the United States through a law commonly known as Statute 26-F. Many individuals have confused the checks for a government program. However, it is a product offered by the private sector for use by listed companies. The provision allows the firms to enjoy some tax benefits. It was specifically meant for the players in the energy industry to encourage more local and international investment in the United States. According to the government, every critical sector in the economy relies on energy. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

The shareholders of these companies have benefited from periodic payments in form of freedom Checks. To enjoy the tax benefits, the company is expected to give 90 cents of every dollar earned to their investors. The most commonly used word to refer to them is “distributions”. An investor can earn up to $160,000 after a period of 3 months. According to some financial analysts, the checks yield more returns than the other types of securities. The players in the industry are exempted from the federal income tax. The shareholders are only obliged to pay a small amount of tax from the returns they get after selling their shares.

The Checks are expected to increase the level of investments in the energy industry. Statute 26-F was passed during the regime of President Nixon. According to him, the country would be safer with sufficient energy. Recently, Matt Badiali introduced the Freedom Checks through a video that has gone viral. The concept of the Freedom Checks is new to many people. A group of qualified investigators found out that the checks are genuine. There are two factors to consider for firms to receive the tax benefits. First, they are required to conduct most of their income generating operations in the United States. The aim of this requirement was to create more job opportunities for the residents and help to maintain a favorable balance of payment.

Secondly, they were required to give out the Freedom Checks to the investors every year. The amount to be paid varies depending on the amount invested. Some individuals have already dismissed the product as an act of fraud. According to some people, the idea is too good to be true as the checks have high returns in a comparatively short time.



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