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Support End Citizen United for a Better America

The United States of America is a capitalist economy comprising of millions of self-made billionaires who have propelled the nation to a most magnificent economic milestone in years. They achieved this status through inventions and multiple investments inside and outside of this great nation. In fact, great corporations such as Coca-Cola, Ford, Microsoft, Facebook, were all ideas of this great nation.

Since these great achievements were born and synthesized in the hearts and minds of most significant American people, there is a call for corporations and wealthy to unite with local citizens in elections. A country with a great economy like the United States of America out to have investment oriented leaders. This secret was realized by Supreme Court back in 2010 when they come up with the idea that “corporations are people,” which permitted the wealthy people to use their money to influence elections of the U.S.

This lead to the birth of End Citizens United in 1st Match 2015. The End Citizen United came with a mission to end the era of Citizen United, which had a lot of disadvantages in that it prevented corporations and unions from using their money to influence the popularity of a candidate in an election. End citizen United was voted 4-5 by Supreme Court judges.

End Citizens United allows people to fund the elections in the form of grassroots donors. Those are donors who give their support willingly. They include both billionaires and local class citizens who wish to support the elections. In August 2015, they launched End Citizens United. Up to date, it has received a lot of contribution. According to director of communication, Richard Carbo, up to date, the group has collected more than $30 million.

End Citizens United has a beautiful and straightforward website. They have indicated their missions in their page. The endorsed candidate usually is posted on the site and donation page is there. The site also publishes all current and latest news.

For the sake of prosperity of the future nation, the current politics needs master minds who have proved records of performance. Corporate people will always select the best candidate who will change things for good. It is a perfect idea to allow them to have a say in politics. Everyone should also support the End Citizen United idea for a better tomorrow.

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