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Jeff Herman Offers Tips to Parents to Help Keep their Kids Away From Predators

Herman is the owner of Herman Law firm, one of the leading law firms in the country. Over the years, he has worked with many clients and has helped them get justice. He is best known for exposing the sexual abuse being done at the Archdiocese of Miami. He was not only able to get the victim relief but also won $100 million for them. He has represented many clients who have been victims of sexual abuse. He believes that in today’s age, it has become essential for parents to talk to kids about predators and help them be safe. Since parents cannot always be there for them, they need to ensure that their kids know what they should avoid.

Jeff Herman regularly conducts workshops where he talks to parents and discusses the things that they should do to keep their kids safe from sexual predators online and offline. Children are vulnerable, and it is the reason why predators can manipulate them easily. He suggests that kids should know about their body and know the boundaries when it comes to touching. They should know the parts that are private and what sorts of actions are not acceptable. It is best that the parents keep the conversation age-appropriate so that children are not overwhelmed with information. Jeff Herman suggests that parents should teach their kids to say no and not talk or be around people who they are not comfortable with.

Jeff Herman believes that preventing abuse is not a one-time conversation and parents should have an open-line communication with their child. They should be involved in their lives and talk to them about their day more often. Even then, it is essential that parents know how to recognize the signs of abuse since most children won’t talk about it. It is also a good idea to have access to your child’s online accounts and check it once in a while to ensure that there is nothing wrong. It is essential to spend time with your children and develop a trusting relationship with them so that they are not ashamed to share anything with you.

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