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Vinod Gupta Rises From Poverty To Wealth And Now Works With Non-Profits To Help Future Generations Share His Dream

Vinod Gupta has been both a businessman and a political activist who was at one time the US Consul General to Bermuda. His knowledge of what it took to work with the state department was something he had gained from having lived in other places around the world including India where he was born, and understanding different cultures. Gupta has donated to scholarships and help start new schools both in the US and abroad with his generosity. Having been able to come to the US and use his business and science knowledge to become a millionaire over time, his hope is that his scholarships will afford others the same.

Vinod Gupta had only $58 in his pocket when he first came to the US, a journey that his family helped him undertake by borrowing money for his plane ticket. He had grown up in a remote village with no running water or power, but he had studied hard and gotten outstanding grades in school and after completing a bachelor’s degree was now heading to graduate school. Gupta completed grad school at the University of Nebraska, and he found his entrepreneur angle while working for mobile home manufacturer Commodore Corporation. What he did was figure out a way to compile business contact information out of yellow pages and turn it into a fully-organized database.

Vinod Gupta had been able to procure the rights to sell his list of mobile home dealers to other competitors which is how he got his company started, but soon he moved into many other business fields and was bringing in millions of dollars. Eventually he bought up several market research and data analytics firms and his company now had computer database information. Gupta owned the company known as InfoUSA until 2010 when it was sold. But he is still buying other data analytics firms through his current investment company, the Everest Group.

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