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NGP VAN Helping Progressives Reach The LGBTQ Community

Political campaigns are solely run off of the latest technology nowadays. There is only one company that stands out from the rest. NGP VAN is the go to software for political campaigns, especially for progressive candidates. This software provider aids campaigns in juggling the hectic demands of running a campaign. This software is also used by non profits and organizations.The software enables it users to manage all the canvassing needs that go into running a campaign like collecting funds from donors, planning events, digital needs and collecting voter information.

NGP VAN is behind some of the biggest and most successful campaigns. This software company actually was behind President Obama’s canvassing efforts. Their technology platforms compares to no other in the industry. Campaign volunteers are able to increase voter turnout by the features the software platform has. An increase in voter turnout increases the change of a particular candidate winning in office. Spreading the message behind a campaign can be done much easier with this technology platform. This platform allows for political campaigns to spread diverse messages that appeal to the American people. Candidates running for office can voice their views about climate change, education, reproductive rights and other social issues through the use of this software. For that matter, that is why so many progressive candidates are attracted to using this software.

Recently, NGP VAN added a new feature to its platform. This new feature makes the software even more competitive than the other platforms available. Progressive leaders can now use the software’s non binary gender features. Indivduals that are in the LGBTQ community can now be associated with pronouns that fit their preference. Previously, the pronouns the software offered were the traditional binary pronouns. This feature allows for progressives to better interact with the nearly ten million members of the LGBTQ community. As America becomes more inclusive, NGP VAN is ready to make sure progressives are moving forward with the time. Contact information now is more suitable to how people want to be referred to. This is more welcoming and accepting. Progressive candidates are enjoying this feature.


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