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Visium Decreasing Its Business While Jacob Gottlieb Works as CIO

Jacob Gottlieb grew up with a pediatrician for a mother and an economics professor for a father. As a result, he developed interests in economics and medicine. He went to Brown University and got a degree in economics and then got a Doctor of Medicine in NYU Medical School.

Jacob went on to found a large healthcare hedge fund. This fund was valued at over 8 billion dollars. Unfortunately, this company was investigated for reports of insider trading. Jacob was determined to be not liable and was able to maintain his position on the Executive board. Other members of the executive board have left, however. He remains the only original member of the board following this investigation. Visium Asset Management, his company, has been reported to reduce its business operations in wake of this financial situation.

Other members of the board have now left and are pursuing other industries. Joshua Brown was a portfolio manager for Visium. Portfolio managers manage groups of investments by researching markets, meeting with businessmen and relocating funds on a daily basis. He has left Visium and has become the Senior Vice President of Paulson & Co. He graduated with a degree in finance and now helps to manage a 9 billion hedge fund under control of Paulson & Co.

Ron Belldegrun has opted to start his own business. He has founded Consumer Health Ventures with his father. This fund has over 1 billion dollars in financial investments. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a unique major of Biological Basis of Behavior. He also got a minor in Healthcare Management.

Visuim is shutting down its operations while Jacob continues to oversee the business as the CIO. 3 Visium employees were charged with insider trading indictments. 1 of the people who have been charged has committed suicide over this tragic occurrence. People close to Sanjay Valvani, the man who ended his life, considered it a shock that he would do such a thing. The company has been dealt a giant blow and it slowly terminating its services.


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