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A New Class of Canvassing with NGP VAN

Canvassing is ultimately one of the most persuasive aspects of a campaign, with the ability to build a voter base off conversations. Voters see a huge difference when they have a face to face conversation with someone who cares about the same issues as they do, and will go to the polls for a candidate. Building the foundation of the campaign requires using canvassing to build enthusiasm and momentum up to the elections.

NPG VAN is a new software technology that allows campaign managers to use an automated process to canvass, therefore being more effective. They go over their tips for using the program and apps to create a good campaign.

  • Ensure quality over quantity by making sure voters are being engaged in a smart and thoughtful way. High quality conversations with voters where their concerns are addressed and they’re informed are more important than simply getting volunteers to go knock on doors.


  • Create smart scripts that encourage conversation and individualization. Use NGP Van to create branched scripts that guide canvassers to better conversations.


  • Automate everything with NPG Van and get real time updates of what volunteers are recording at the doors.


  • Train volunteers to prioritize honesty with data and role play potential conversations with voters.


  • Send your Candidate out to canvass if possible. Distribute canvassing wisely between volunteers and send people to areas they’re comfortable with


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NPG VAN is very progressive and is looking to spread their influence to everyone, the “Resistance”, LGBTQ, and women voters. The Social Advocacy tool allows people to more easily pressure political figures on social media platforms. The company has included non-binary gender options and is a advocate for gay rights. The women of the company also advocate for women’s rights and participated in A Day Without Women in March. NPG VAN is progressively working towards a voting public.

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