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Financial Solutions From Infinity Group, Australia

It is indeed true that the vision and determination of one man can affect the lives of millions. In the year 2012, Greame Holm and Rebecca Walker founded the Infinity Group and shared the same vision of making the lives of Australians a little easier. Most of the families are affected by the poor traditional structure of financial institutions.





Holm started his career at Westpac as a Home finance manager in the year 2001. Infinity Group is a boon to the people of Australia as it has helped innumerable families reduce their loans, managing personal finances better and wealth generation including retirement solutions. What makes this Group unique is their approach. They dig deep into the client’s financial history to collect data for better assessment of the situation. They send out a detailed monthly report assessing the performance of the client and states whether further adjustments in the budget are required to stay aligned with the future goals.





Australian Financial Review (AFR), published by Fairfax Media, is the leading newspaper in Australia. With 50 years of presence, it has a good influence on news related to business, finance, and investment. The newspaper is a product of independent and excellent journalism along with honest reviews, is an essential read for the financial and investment community in Australia. It is for the seventh year in a row that AFR published its list Most Innovative Companies across Australia and New Zealand.





Infinity Group Australia was ranked 58th on the list published by AFR in 2018, thus reaching the top 5.8% of all the other nominations. The ranking was done based on the approach to their problem, the effectiveness, and uniqueness of the solution and its efficiency in the real world. It also takes into consideration a detailed information regarding the resources, business strategies and the how they prioritize innovation.





Initially, Holm along with Walker researched on the financial institutions looking out for parameters that needed an immediate upgrade. Out of the many factors observed, a few stood out. Customer support is the topmost priority according to Holm. He believes in developing a relationship with the client based on trust, love, and understanding is the first step to reduce the problem for the Australian population. The Group allocates a personal banker rather a financial coach to assess the client’s situation and help them with finances. Financial Coaches guide you to your financial goal by giving valuable advice and services for families.



Holm’s vision of helping the families who need financial advice is now a reality. One of their proudest achievements is reducing $97,000 as a part of debt reduction for a young couple this year. The company earnings are mostly from the 10% they take from your yearly debt reduction of the clients. Infinity Group Australia reviews show that how committed it is to customer satisfaction. Learn more:

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