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In recent years, bottled water has seen a rise in production all over the world. The business, in general, has been estimated to be over $100 billion across all the continents with Spain being the primary consumer of the product. Years ago, this business didn’t seem to be profitable to an ordinary person. The idea of having such a thing as something essential was even laughable then. As years progressed, the idea came to life and grew to become a booming business for many companies. Selling such a similar product, however, can be too dull. The water bottling companies have therefore resorted to making their products unique for them to stand out from the rest. Changing the bottles doesn’t quite do it for the consumers, so they have started adding vitamins to their drinks to attract more customers.

The company’s name is derived from the Hawaiian language since the drink is bottled in the country. The name means broad waters. Waiakea Water differs from the rest by the way that it has been filtered. Since the company’s foundation in 2012, Waiakea Water has been bottling volcanic water. The water is filtered when it’s run through a porous volcanic rock that is 14,000 feet in length. This rock is located in Mauna Loa Volcano. The Waiakea Water pH is 8.8.

Apart from the Hawaiian volcanic water, Waiakea Water stands out from the rest of the bottling companies by the bottles they use. As of 2018, Waiakea Water should be using biodegradable bottles. This tops up the care the company has been giving the environment. They’ve been Carbon Neutral certified as they use low emission vehicles for their delivery. They also offer 3% of their revenue for programs by the local community and nonprofit organizations in addition to supplying water to people in need in Malawi every week.

Waiakea Water’s concern for the environment has seen them receive most rewards of the best water bottling company especially for their innovations in the business. The recognition by institutions and the people have seen Waiakea Water grow by 4200% in the last three years. The company has outlets in over 30 states in the US with over 14 distributors.


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