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Making Cancer Less Mysterious

There is nothing more surprising than finding out that a loved one has cancer than finding out how little is known about cancer. One would think the puzzle should be coagulating into a cohesive understanding of various moving components, yet that is not quite the case. The more people that are diagnosed, the more one would think we are on the brink of knowing so much more, but that has not actually come to pass either. Many people think that medical money is keeping a cure away, but if a “cure” was to be found, then wealthy people should be able to ostensibly buy their way out of a cancer diagnosis, but they, too, are dying in large numbers from cancer.

All of that said, at times something very, very good can come out of something very, very bad and in the case of Eric Lefkosky, this is very much the case. Most unfortunately, Mr. Lefkosky’s wife was diagnosed with cancer, he was dumbfounded when he realized how little data there was, publicly available, to providing more information on cancer. Mr. Lefkosky already had co-founded the hugely successful Groupon, in addition to being involved with a number of other companies, so this lack of available information on cancer galvanized him to start Tempus.

The entire focus of Tempus is to take what is already known about cancer, create an algorithm, then rest on the power of machines to create information on the sequencing of genomes in a patient’s tumor. Cancer cells are just cells that have run amok. They are repeatedly reproducing until they get large enough to become tumors, and the pattern just continues. Taking a look at how they get involved with such a frenetic overgrowth process is key to understanding how to stop them. History might tell us that the efforts of Eric Lefkosky led to key understandings of how cancer cells grow and reproduce.

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