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Todd Levine’s Extensive Career And How He Remains So Accomplished At His Craft

I have always found it interesting the way people can incorporate different aspects of their talents and passions into their practice. Todd Levine is a Miami-based litigator who combines his love for art and music into his law practice. Elle Woods won her case in Legally Blonde because she understood how to use her knowledge of fashion and hair towards her advantage. Levine uses his creativity to develop his unique strategy.

Multifaceted attorney, Todd Levine, is an industrious man who handles his cases with fastidious care. Committed to righting wrongs, Levine ensures that his clients are compensated for their mistreatment and strives to absolve them of all alleged transgressions. A founding member of the Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine litigation firm, Levine is exceptionally fond of his colleagues. In fact, he ascribes the company’s enduring success to the strong rapport they have with one another. Though together they’re a fount of knowledge, their efforts are solely centered around family law and litigation.


Armed with nearly a decade of industry experience, Levine and his associates have a keen understanding of their field. Though initially an intimate group of 17 attorneys, their firm has doubled in size which bespeaks the company’s ongoing triumphs. Some cases for which they’re prominently known include Alex Rodriguez’s divorce case, Edie Lauger’s real estate trial, and Orlando Lopez’s property dispute. Doing what they do best, the Kluger team successfully won each case, making their reputation as a notable agency irrefutable. While Levine’s experienced numerous triumphs alongside his valued partners, his most outstanding feat was achieved solo.


While in the throes of a painstaking case, Levine was presented with some damning evidence. When given the documents, Levine’s opposers were hellbent on discrediting him. Upon employing his profound wisdom, Levine immediately recognized a “particular aspect of the document” that rendered his adversaries efforts ineffectual. As a result, Levine’s client walked away scot-free while the mediator was left in utter incredulity. The mediator was wholly impressed by Levine’s ability to discern a game-changing element so quickly that she continues to tout Levine as a man of many merits. Levine attributes his acute perceptions to his partiality for math, science, art, and music





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