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Steve Ritchie Gives Great Apology To His Customers

The new CEO of Papa John’s is Steve Ritchie. With everything that has been going on, he decided to write a detailed apology to the company’s faithful customers. To many, his actions were indicative of emotional intelligence and a love for the company. This move was a step in a good direction for Papa John’s.

His letter to customers talked about how he has loved working for the company the past 22 years. He wanted his customers to know that nothing that has happened recently is a reflection of how he feels personally. They do not accurately represent his views or the views of the company as a whole.

No Room For Racism

To Steve Ritchie, there is no room at Papa John’s for insensitive language or racism. It doesn’t matter what the context of the words may be, they aren’t allowed and will never be tolerated. The company has more than 120,000 employees throughout the franchises and the corporate employees and leaders. The whole company is made up of people from all areas of life. They work tirelessly to provide a good product to people around their communities.

Actions To Be Put In Place Soon

Steve Ritchie understands that nothing means anything without putting words into actions. For himself and the company, there will be some things changed and worked on in the future for the sake of Papa John’s.

  • The company is in the process of hiring outside experts to audit the culture and diversity of the company. They will work with all employees and teach inclusion practices. This practice will help the company to identify each employee’s strengths and weaknesses. After the audit has been completed, the company will have a clearer view of what needs to be changed and which goals need to be set in order to improve the company’s culture.
  • The senior management of the company is going to start visiting local Papa John’s franchises. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s believes this will help them be better managers and able to gain valuable feedback from those working in the communities at the ground floor of the company. They want to be held accountable for the changes they make. Visit to know about the salary and other benefits of the new CEO.

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