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The Strength of a Woman; Whitney Wolfe

When women of substance are singled out, one notable name that will pop up is that of an American iron lady named Whitney Wolfe. Her rise from grass to stardom in the world of business has left many tongues wagging, all for the right reasons. She was born to Michael Wolfe, and Kelly Wolfe on the 1st of July 1989, in the suburbs of Salt Lake City found in Utah, USA. In what may have been pushed for by her father, Whitney Wolfe attended the Judge Memorial Catholic High School and later joined the Southern Methodist University where she emerged with a Bachelors degree in International Studies. For latest update connect with Whitney Wolfe on Twitter.

Wolfe’s entrepreneurial ambitions were evident during her tender years. At merely 19 years, she had already successfully established a bag producing firm, made of bamboos. Three years later, Whitney joined hands together with three others. Namely, Chris, Rad, and Gulczynski to establish Tinder, a dating application in 2012. Her excellent ability to steer the dating site’s growth elevated her to the position of Executive Vice President, a position she would relinquish barely two years later after sexual harassment was meted upon her. However, she filed a successful lawsuit against the firm and received compensation worth more than whooping $1 million.

Armed with the unequivocal expertise she gained from her previous workstation, Whitney Wolfe teamed up with the founder of a dating website dubbed Badoo, Andrew Andreev. Her quest for success did not stop there. She moved to Texas and established her site, Bumble in December 2014. In one year, the application had reached over 20 million users. Under her able stewardship, Whitney’s worth has risen to over $230 million.

In a recent interview, Whitney Wolfe confided to hiring personal bodyguards and having a full security team for her workforce. This was after a cyber attack was launched against the feminist company in 2017, a move which was meant to bring them down on their knees. At only 28 years, Whitney Wolfe has overcome a myriad of challenges that an ordinary woman would fall prey to and emerged as one of the most influential women in the USA.

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